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Here you can download past issues of TEG’s six-monthly printed publication featuring events, exhibition case studies and new additions to our website. Please note that in line with TEG’s environmental policy aimed at ensuring that our working methods are analysed and developed in a sustainable and environmentally-aware manner, from 2016 onwards Exchange will no longer be distributed. TEG members can download the latest exhibition case studies at the Case Studies page.
Full details of newly-available exhibitions listed in Exchange - plus preview images - are included in our Exhibition Search database. You can enter exhibition details for the online database at the Exhibitions page. New exhibition titles will continue to be listed in our monthly e-newsletters. To subscribe to TEG's mailing list, please visit the Contacts webpage.

Members can also use the Jobs & Notices webpage to share exhibition-related news, information and opportunities.
Please click on the links to download issues of Exchange:
Autumn 2015 (pdf, 659KB)
Spring 2015 (pdf, 530KB)
Autumn 2014 (pdf, 562KB)
Spring 2014 (pdf, 655KB)
Autumn 2013 (pdf, 450KB)
Spring 2013 (pdf, 718KB)
Autumn 2012 (pdf, 472KB)
Spring 2012 (pdf, 437KB)
Autumn 2011 (pdf, 590KB)
Spring 2011 (pdf, 535KB)
Autumn 2010 (pdf, 376KB)
Spring 2010 (pdf, 447KB)
Autumn 2009 (pdf, 444KB)
Spring 2009 (pdf, 389KB)
Autumn 2008 (pdf, 262KB)
Spring 2008 (pdf, 841KB)
Autumn 2005 (pdf, 394 KB)
Spring 2006 (pdf, 146KB)
Autumn 2006 (pdf, 253KB)
Spring 2007 (pdf, 205KB)
Autumn 2007 (pdf, 245KB)
Mike Sixsmith's retirement
Mike Sixsmith, TEG’s long-serving administrator, retired on 31st March 2015. The following is a longer version of the text of his farewell at the Marketplace on 17th April 2015 (featured in the Autumn 2015 issue of Exchange) in which he puts down some markers and adds detail of a career in touring exhibitions.
Download text (PDF, 74 KB)
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