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13 Aug 2015
TEG Newsletter August 2015

TEG's monthly newsletter contains up-to-date information about our forthcoming networking events, professional development opportunities, new members, new exhibition titles added to our database of exhibitions for hire and summaries of notices posted by members at our Jobs & Notices webpage. The most recent newsletter available for download is AUGUST 2015 (pdf).
Note: To receive future newsletters directly, you can subscribe to TEG's mailing list at the Contacts webpage.

10 Aug 2015
Interim 'Economics of Touring Exhibitions' survey results published by MA
The Museums Association has published interim results from TEG's Economics of Touring Exhibitions Survey. Further details about the full survey results will follow in an article in the October issue of Museums Journal.
10 Aug 2015
Complete the 'Economics of Touring Exhibitions Survey 2015'

The Economics of Touring Exhibitions survey will take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete and will help TEG gain a snapshot of touring exhibitions practice in the UK today; the economic and partnership models being used, motivations for touring, and the barriers and challenges that prevent some venues engaging in touring activity. The information provided will help TEG develop the Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice professional development training and toolkit.

Museums, galleries, heritage sites and arts venues of all types are encouraged to participate. Whether you originate or hire touring exhibitions, or are interested to engage in touring in the future, we are keen to receive your feedback. Please pass the link on to your colleagues and contacts.

The survey has been developed as part of TEG's ACE funded resilience programme Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice, which is also supported by TESS demountable.

If you have any questions about the Economics of Touring Exhibitions programme or this survey, please email Charlotte Dew, TEG Researcher: charlotte@teg.org.uk.

The survey will remain open until 28 August 2015.


Less News
23 May 2015
Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice - Appointment of Researcher
Following TEG’s award from the Arts Council England Museum Resilience Fund, we are pleased to announce the appointment of a researcher for the Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice programme. Freelance curator and consultant Charlotte Dew will bring her skills and experience from roles at the Crafts Council, The Mercers’ Company, and the Museum of English Rural Life, and is already contacting museums and galleries across the country, following a successful presentation at the Museums & Heritage show in April.
TEG are seeking a wide range of examples and case studies from across the touring spectrum, so if you would be interested in participating in this exciting and unique project, contact Charlotte at charlotte@teg.org.uk.
6 May 2015
Mike Sixsmith's retirement
Mike Sixsmith, TEG’s long-serving administrator, retired on 31st March 2015. The following is a longer version of the text of his farewell at the Marketplace on 17th April, in which he puts down some markers and adds detail of a career in touring exhibitions.
Download text (PDF, 74 KB)
19 Mar 2015
Calling all TEG members. The nominations have been received, now it is up to you to vote for the committee for Touring Exhibitions Group in 2015/16. Just log in to the TEG website, select ‘About’ from the main menu then ‘Ballot’. TEG is a membership organisation and it is important that members vote in our annual elections; it will only take a couple of minutes of your time. You have until 9 April to cast your vote. Don’t miss this chance to influence how TEG works.
19 Mar 2015

TEG’s 29th Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.00pm on 17 April 2015 at Southampton City Art Gallery. The papers will be available for download from 20 March at the AGM webpage in the ‘About’ area of the site – please ensure you log into the website first as this page is available to members only. Please download and print all papers, and bring them with you to the AGM as additional copies will not be available there. Whether they attend the meeting or not – members are welcome to comment on the papers. If members are unable to attend the AGM, they are kindly requested to cast their votes and record their apologies for absence, using the proxy voting form.

10 Mar 2015

TEG's 2015 Marketplace will be hosted by Southampton City Art Gallery on Friday 17 April. The Marketplace is open to everyone with an involvement or interest in touring exhibitions and is a great opportunity either to find new exhibitions for your venue or to promote exhibitions you have available for hire - or both. The event encompasses exhibitions in all shapes and sizes, covering a wide range of subjects, to fit all types of venue and audience. You can either book a stall from which to display information about your available exhibitions, or circulate freely, finding out what other organisations have to offer. The Marketplace will be preceded on Thursday 16 April by a seminar on funding for touring, hosted by Winchester Discovery Centre. For full programme details, please visit the Marketplace web page or download the leaflet (pdf, 2MB). Online booking is available at the Marketplace webpage or you can go directly to the booking form.

24 Feb 2015
TEG Marketplace IDEAS Session - Proposals invited
At this year’s Marketplace, to be held in Southampton on 17 April, TEG is hosting a new ‘Ideas’ session. This will be a series of quick fire, informal presentations delivered by you, TEG members, who have an idea for a new touring exhibition. This should be in the early stages of development – perhaps you are seeking partners, host venues, or organisations who can lend exhibits to you to complement your idea? You may be seeking an expert in a particular field, someone to share a funding proposal, anything in fact in the planning of a touring exhibition. What better location than the TEG Marketplace to get all those captive touring exhibitions specialists on your side?
We’re offering 5 minutes of time to organisations and individuals who can send us proposals (subject to demand!). Please send us up to 3 images and 200 words describing what your presentation will be. This shouldn’t be a sales pitch for an existing exhibition, but a new development you are looking to move forward. It may only be a tiny idea at the moment, but we can help it grow.
We’ll be working in the lecture theatre at Southampton City Art Gallery, so there is scope to show images, but it’s not necessary.
Emails your proposal to Alice.Briggs@ceredigion.gov.uk and louise.hesketh@halton.gov.uk by March 13, and we’ll confirm with you by 27 March.
NOTE: Presentation slots will be available to registered Marketplace delegates only. For full details about this year's Marketplace and online booking, please see the Marketplace page.
23 Jan 2015
TEG AGM, 17 APRIL 2015
The 29th Annual General Meeting of the Touring Exhibitions Group will take place at 2.00pm on Friday 17 April 2015 at the Marketplace to be held at Southampton City Art Gallery. All papers will be available on TEG’s website by 20 March 2015. If there are any matters of special business, these should be raised by contacting the Secretary, Claire Longrigg at claire.longrigg@hullcc.gov.uk by 16 March 2015.
23 Jan 2015
Annual Ballot - Join the TEG Executive Committee
The annual ballot of membership is taking place in March and April to elect the Executive Committee for 2015. Nominations are sought, so we would like to hear from anyone who wishes to take part in the ballot or to nominate someone else to join the Committee. The deadline for nominations is 16 March 2015. Full details are available on the Nominations page of the website. Further information about serving on the Committee is available on the Executive Committee webpage. The composition of the new Executive Committee will be announced at the AGM.
19 Jan 2015
Jobs & Notices

TEG's Jobs & Notices page is now located under the News tab. Notices and a form for adding new messages appear lower down this page.

Here members can post information about job vacancies, projects, opportunities and events relating to touring exhibitions which you would like other TEG members to know about.  Exhibitions information and updates should be placed in the Exhibitions section (please refer to Using this site for guidance on how to add information).

Please note that notices are subject to editing.

Messages will be deleted automatically after one month.

On the Exchange page you can access TEG's six-monthly Exchange publication which contains details of forthcoming events, exhibition reviews and updates about what’s new on the web site.

11 Jul 2014
TEG Professional Development Programme

The first series of professional development seminars have been very popular. Thank you to our hosts at Harrow Art Centre, Leeds Discovery Centre, The Crafts Council and The Royal Photographic Society. In response to demand we are now programming new dates across the UK.
The next Beginning to Tour seminar will take place at the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh on Monday 8 September 2014 from 10:30 to 16:30.
The Beginning to Tour course is aimed at people who want to start producing their own touring exhibitions and provides basic level skills and knowledge for producing touring programmes. The cost of this day seminar is £40 for TEG members and £60 for non-members.
TEG aims to make training opportunities affordable by keeping travel costs low. This seminar will be open to delegates living in the local region first, it will then be opened up to all. If you are interested in attending please email seminars@teg.org.uk.
Future training dates
The two courses on offer, 'The Principles of Touring' and 'Beginning to Tour' encourage active learning by sharing up-to-date examples of best practice and creating practical resources. Delivered by trainers with vast experience of working in the sector, the seminars are also an opportunity to meet other professionals or students interested in touring exhibition work.
The courses can be booked as one full day or a half-day session or as individual modules, a full list can be viewed online [link to module page - http://teg.org.uk/index.php?id=3,47]. Our aim is to provide training that best suits your needs and the course can be booked exclusively for you or your organisation and/ or opened up to other professionals. If you are interested in booking a future date for a seminar or would like to discuss specific training needs please email: seminars@teg.org.uk.

29 May 2014

Marketplace 2014, hosted by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and held at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle, on Thursday 22 May, provided a full day of programme inspiration for more than 100 delegates. TEG’s annual Marketplace is an invaluable networking opportunity for everyone involved in touring or hiring exhibitions in museums, galleries, arts and science centres, universities, libraries and other public sector venues UK-wide. Delegates can book a stall from which to promote exhibitions available for hire or circulate freely, gathering information about exhibitions on offer, exhibition exchanges or potential collaborations.
Our accompanying programme of seminars, tours and talks offers exciting opportunities for professional development. For more details, visit our Marketplace webpage in the Events area.

7 Mar 2014
TEG AGM, 22 MAY 2014
The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Touring Exhibitions Group will take place at 12.30 on Thursday 22 May 2014 at the Marketplace to be held at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle. All papers will be available on TEG’s website by 23 April 2014. If there are any matters of special business, these should be raised by contacting the Secretary, Claire Longrigg at Claire.longrigg@hullcc.gov.uk by 17 April 2014.
7 Mar 2014
Annual Ballot - Join the TEG Executive Committee
The annual ballot of the membership is taking place in April and May to elect the Executive Committee for 2014. Nominations are sought, so we would like to hear from anyone who wishes to take part in the ballot or to nominate someone else to join the Committee. The deadline for nominations is 14 April 2014. Full details are available on the Nominations page of the website. Further information about serving on the Committee is available on the Executive Committee webpage. The composition of the new Executive Committee will be announced at the AGM.
Volunteer for a Committee sub-group….
If you are unsure about becoming a Committee Member, why not volunteer to help on one of our committee sub-groups (professional development, marketing, handbook, and website)? As well as making a direct input into a specific project, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the TEG Committee and the work we do. For further details, please contact the Secretary Claire Longrigg: claire.longrigg@hullcc.gov.uk.
12 Jan 2014
Professional Development
New for 2014 is TEG’s Professional Development Programme on touring exhibitions. There are two topics on offer for both members and non-members. They can be booked as one full day or a half-day session or as individual modules.

The aim of the sessions is to introduce the principles and practices of touring exhibitions and provide basic level skills and knowledge for producing and receiving touring exhibitions. Both sessions will encourage active learning by sharing up to date examples of best practice and creating practical resources. Delivered by trainers with vast experience of working in the sector the sessions are also an opportunity to meet other professionals or students interested in touring exhibition work.

Introduces the principles and practices of producing touring exhibitions. The session is aimed at people who are new to touring exhibition work. A full day session will cover the following modules, you can also pick a selection of modules to create a half-day session.

• Finding the right exhibition
Ways of finding touring exhibitions for hire will be introduced. Delegates will then actively assess the suitability of exhibitions for venues by looking at real examples of information packs on touring exhibitions. A key information checklist will be produced.

• Working with exhibition organisers
Introduction to the different ways of working with other venues of organisations on touring exhibitions followed by a discussion exercise based on different scenarios that the group will be asked to come up with solutions for.

• Caring for objects
An introduction to environmental conditions, security, packing and planning for emergencies. Delegates will look at real venue facilities reports and think about the concerns of lenders through active questions. They will learn how and why facilities reports are used to share this information between venues.

• Handling, packing and transport
This module will introduce delegates to the principles of handling objects for tour. Key considerations and different methods of packing will be covered. If time and facilities permit the session can also include practical handling of objects.

• Audience development and maximising impact
Real case studies will be used to show how touring exhibitions can be used to involve and attract new audiences. Delegates will be given exhibition examples to discuss in groups and share creative ideas for maximising the impact of touring exhibitions.

• Evaluation
Introduction to the importance of evaluation and different approaches and methods to use.

Introduces the principles and practices of producing touring exhibitions. The session is aimed at people who want to start to tour exhibitions or develop their knowledge or this area of work. A full or half day session can be created from the following modules:

• Tour packs
Delegates will review information produced by tour organisers (tour packs) to market exhibitions to hirers and assess their usefulness. Through group discussion a list of key information for tour packs will be produced. Delegates will actively think through the information that should be included in tour packs for specific exhibitions.

• Marketing exhibitions and finding venues
Different ways of communicating with potential venues will be introduced and the best approach for specific exhibitions discussed.

• Caring for objects, lenders and makers
Delegates will discuss the key information to consider before touring specific objects and working with lenders and makers of objects. This will include environmental conditions, security, packing and transport.

• Assessing suitability of venues
Using real examples of exhibitions and facilities reports delegates will actively assess whether venues are suitable and consider what questions might need to be asked, or considered on site visits in order to assess this further.

• Funding touring exhibitions
Through active discussion of case studies different funding models and sources will be discussed alongside the best approach to funding applications (this can be focused to suit the type of venues participating). A practical exercise will require delegates to draft an exhibition fundraising plan. A list of resources and further reading would be included in delegate packs.

• Responsibilities and agreements
Delegates will be able to view real examples of agreements for touring exhibitions between institutions and lenders, producers and hirers, artists and producers. They will think through the key information to include and the best approach to contract negotiation.

• Evaluation
The importance of effective evaluation and what it can be used for will be outlined. Real case studies will enable delegates to actively review and assess the impact of actual evaluation methods.

The cost of a day training session will be £40 for TEG members and £60 for non-members.

Find out about the benefits of being a TEG member: http://www.teg.org.uk/index.php?id=5

For group bookings, prices for half day or modular sessions or to discuss your specific training needs please email seminars@teg.org.uk

30 Jul 2013
Professional Development Opportunity- deadline 22 August
In response to a survey of members and a pilot training session TEG is launching two new training sessions; The Principles of Touring Exhibitions and Beginning to Tour.

We are looking for professionals who are interested in delivering training sessions to attend a free induction day for trainers. Our aim is to create a bank of trainers who can deliver future sessions in different areas of the UK; reasonable travel expenses and a nominal fee will be paid for all sessions delivered.

To attend the induction day you should have a good knowledge of producing and hiring touring exhibitions and be able to share your own case studies. The induction day will cover the main training modules and different methods for learning. Places on the induction day are free but limited.

If you are interested in this professional development opportunity please send a statement of interest (no more than 250 words) outlining how your experience and knowledge would enable you to successfully deliver training on touring exhibitions. Please state if you have any specific interest and/ or particular case studies you would draw on and in what region of the UK you are based. This should be emailed to seminars@teg.org.uk by Thursday 22 August. If you would like more information please email seminars@teg.org.uk  or call Alice Lobb on 020 7942 2237.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving either of the two training sessions please email seminars@teg.org.uk 
4 May 2012
TEG Marketplace 2012
More than 100 delegates attended our 2012 Marketplace hosted by National Museums Scotland on FRIDAY 27 APRIL at the redeveloped National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh.  As well as finding and promoting new exhibitions, delegates were able to take part in a lively programme of seminars and tours. The day was buzzing and inspiring with very positive feedback from delegates who enjoyed meeting new contacts, discovering the diversity of exhibitions on offer at the Marketplace and exploring the stunning venue.  A report will be posted soon on the Marketplace page.
If you are not a TEG member but would like to receive updates about networking opportunities offered through TEG, you can subscribe to our events mailing list at the Contacts page.
4 May 2012
Results of TEG Survey: Your Training Needs

Thanks to all respondents to TEG's recent survey on training needs with regard to exhibitions and touring. Our objective is to identify the needs of the sector and then begin to shape TEG's training provision to meet those needs. Responses to the Survey was an item of special business at the AGM at the Edinburgh Marketplace on 27 April 2012. TEG members were thanked for taking the time to fill in the survey, and Emily Allen, Charlotte Dew, Karen Lewis and Claire Longrigg were thanked for their work on the survey. The Committee now envisaged that a small working group would analyse the results, and members were asked to contact Emily Allen (see Contacts webpage) if they had expertise they would like to share and if they would like to join this group. Results and recommendations will be announced in a forthcoming e-newsletter.

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